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Player Piano Service at Carolyn Antman

piano tuningThere are two types of player pianos:  the old kind that runs off a paper roll and the new, electronic kind that runs off a disc, CD or the Internet.  Either kind can be entertaining and lots of fun if working properly.

Carolyn Antman and her staff are certified to work on all kinds of player pianos, old and new.   Warren Officer has been working on pneumatic (old) player pianos all his life and can diagnose and repair what ever ails your piano.   We can also get your old electronic system working again.

Any piano can be made into a modern electronic player with the addition of a player system such as QRS PNOmation.  We are certified in installing these systems.  We can also upgrade any electronic system to the most current.

Don’t let your piano go unused.  Install a player piano or fix the one you have by calling Carolyn Antman.